Generic Levitra, What a Wonderful Pill?

Levitra is the latest scientific development for successful treatment of such a disease as erectile dysfunction. Creating this means, pharmacists took into account shortcomings of other drugs with similar effect, and as a result received tablets that very effectively solve problems with male erectile function. Nowadays, Levitra online is considered a drug that performs ten times more active than famous Viagra.

What are Characteristics of Levitra Effect?

The main distinguishing Levitra feature is onset of effect – Canadian Pharmacy Levitra pills begin to give desired effect in 20-25 minutes (and in some men even after 10 minutes) after administration, which is several times faster than other similar pills. Levitra active ingredient for erectile dysfunction treatment is active substance – Vardenafil, which helps relax cavernous bodies smooth muscles of male reproductive organ and expand its vessels, which greatly increases blood flow to it, causing persistent and prolonged erection.

Experts say that using Levitra, man can solve two problems at once: get rid of erectile dysfunction and delay ejaculation onset, prolonging time of sexual intercourse.

People should also be aware that Levitra does not affect:

  • male libido (sexual desire);
  • motility of spermatozoa;
  • ability to fertilize egg.Levitra- Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

What are Levitra Benefits?

  1. Generic Levitra is highly effective agent from the very first use, regardless of age and form of erectile dysfunction;
  2. Eating and consuming alcohol does not reduce drug effectiveness;
  3. Levitra pills can be taken by patients with diabetes mellitus, they also have a positive effect on potency after prostatectomy;
  4. Suitable for men over age of 60;
  5. The drug is able to reduce time of rest between sexual intercourses;
  6. Levitra is well tolerated both at single application, and at long-term regular admission, without causing addictive effect at the same time.

How should Levitra be Taken and in What Doses?

Levitra initial dose is not more than 10 mg of vardenafil, and recommended maximum possible dose is 20 mg. The highest dose (20 mg) is usually given to men suffering from diabetes or prostatectomy, because initial dose in such cases will be ineffective. Levitra dosage for elderly patients (over 60 years of age) – 5 mg.

Some time after taking pill, the majority of males (more than 90%) normalize erectile function. You can take Levitra no more than once a day. A man who consumes one pill can do “enjoyable thing” for a long time – 8-10 hours. It should be noted that this drug contributes to =onset of the desired erection only in =case when a man is sexually excited. In absence of the so-called “sexual stimulus,” Levitra use or its generics will not lead to erection appearance.

Levitra Contraindications

Levitra is one of the drugs for erectile dysfunction treatment with few contraindications.

Levitra is prohibited for intake for:

  • adolescents under 18 years of age;
  • men suffering from heart, kidney and liver diseases;
  • men who have very low blood pressure or suffer from its uncontrolled increase;
  • men who have anatomically irregular penis shape;
  • men with individual intolerance for drug components;
  • when taken concomitantly with drugs that contain nitrates or are donators of nitric oxide.

What are Levitra Possible Side Effects?

In case of drug components individual intolerance or significant overdose, there may be the following Levitra side effects:

  • dizziness, drowsiness, headache;
  • hot flashes that cause face redness;
  • dyspepsia, nausea;
  • epistaxis, dyspnoea;
  • impaired vision.
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