Regular sexual life with Canadian Health&Care Mall: Benefit For Health as well as Pleasure

Regular sexual life is main needs of organism’s nature and at the same time – pleasure. The satisfaction and emotional splash after an orgasm cause “pleasure hormones” — endorphins which are emitted during sex.

This pleasure people, as a rule, men who by the nature of occupations are forced to be in the conditions of isolation from an opposite sex are deprived (service in army, work by the ships of long voyage, work as a shift method, etc.).

Long abstention from sex though is unpleasant for the young man, but takes place without special consequences and isn’t reflected in sexual function which may be improved due to medications of Canadian Health and Care Mall.

regular sexual life

It is rather difficult to be restored after long abstention for those whose age makes 30-35 years. During the first, after abstention, sexual intercourse they observe problems with an erection and premature ejaculation.

Long abstention for men of age 40+ can demand the help of the sexopathologist, at 50+ sexual function can forever disappear. But Canadian Health&Care Mall wants to disprove this fact. With Viagra, Cialis and Levitra you will be possible to revive your sexual life as if you are 30 years old.

Different Age of Partners – Different Temperament

Sexual appetite of men and women of one age not always coincides. At men the peak of sexuality comes in 25-30 years, at women is after 35 years. When the man is more senior than the woman for 5-10 years, the overestimated expectations of the partner often lead of 40-45 35 years old women to the fact that the man begins to test uncertainty in himself.

Long sex abstention after 40 years on the man presses freight of responsibility to family, the office problems, other psychological factors exerting impact on libido. To be convinced of own man’s solvency, often the man seeks satisfactions elsewhere. The “fresh” relations with the new partner are capable to inhale “the second youth” in his sexual life. It isn’t surprising that the peak of adulteries is the share of age of 40-45 years.

Both women, and the men having certain concepts about morals and morality should be engaged in self-satisfaction. However, men often are engaged in an onanism constantly, irrespective of abstention or satisfaction from sex. Women who don’t seek “additive” elsewhere are engaged in masturbation. Nevertheless, the self-satisfaction can’t replace full sex with the partner.

Deep emotional connection between partners and desire to keep the relations allow to find a way out in any situation, whether it will be different temperament of partners, different age, progress or failures at work and other spheres of life.

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