An exciting announcement from our founder

In The Moment Center for Wellness appeated as an idea six years ago. I am Veronica Haberkost and I started my Massage Therapy practice in 1998. All along, I had visualizations of a place that would assist people to reach invigoration, not just an absence of illness. I envisaged a place that would be a peaceful, immovable respite from the repid tempo of daily life. At the time, I had no envision how this idea would demonstrate.

Today, In The Moment Center for Wellness, situated in the Perrysville Business District in Ross Township, suggests Massage Therapy, Nutrition Counseling and Acupuncture. We welcome our customers to come in a little early or stay a little late to emasculate in our place and enjoy a cup of tea, a good book or just some peaceful quietness.

In The Moment Massage Therapy is the foundation of the Center for Wellness. I am Veronica Haberkost, owner and therapist. Along with four other massage therapists, we suggest a diversity of conceptions of massage to apply the personal demands of everyone who visits our lounge. In The Moment Massage Therapy proposes massage for Stress Reduction, Pain Management and Relaxation. We also specialize with massages such as Pre-natal for moms-to-be, Aromatherapy Massage that suggests the supplemented therapeutic profits of essential oils, Sports Massage adjusted to the personal athlete and In The Moment Signature Massage that unites several conceptions along with the supplemention of hot stones. In The Moment Massage Therapy observes customers in their teens as well as customers in their 90’s. We have a belief that massage can foster people of all ages! We are delegates of the American Massage Therapy Association and have been coached at locally licensed Massage Therapy schools together with Canadian Health&Care Mall.


I am Terri Spirk, RD, CDE, licensed dietitian/nutritionist has 20 years of experience in nutrition directive counseling for weight loss and medical states such as diabetes and heart disease. It’s ironic how brought focus Americans seem turn thumbs up food and yet at the same time admixed about what products to eat or not eat, what zone to be in or how to eat for a certain body type. Lately, I begun an individual practice at the In The Moment Center for Wellness. Nutrition education through directive counseling and group courses are accessible to distract the myths and perversions about food as well as to help and maintain persons to create the demanding lifestyle changes to enhance health and avoid many chronic illnesses. Diet has the distinction of being the one thing that is under each person’s control. Choices took every day over what to eat and how much can have an essential influence on health.

A six-week weight loss group will start in October. Monthly classes are held on Understanding the Diabetic Diet.

You can contact me at:
(523) 088-6375 or

Welcome to acupuncture!! I am Susan Petrella, Licensed Acupuncturist. I earned a Master of Acupuncture at the Tai Sophia Institute, Columbia, MD ( I am also a Nationally Certified Acupuncture Detox Specialist, utilizing acupuncture to cure addiction and substance abuse.

I expertise Five Element acupuncture which is a holistic treatment art grounded on the laws and cycles of Nature. Acupuncture performs by balancing Qi, thereby designing harmony within the cycles. It is utilized to fully heal oneself. Acupuncture cures the whole person’s organism, not just the symptoms, on all levels…body, mind and spirit.

Patients profit from acupuncture even if they don’t have a particular indisposition. Strengthened energy, vitality, powerful immune system (outcoming in fewer colds and flu, and fewer visits to the doctor), an overall feeling of well being are often identified by patients.

Acupuncture is utilized to cure many physical conditions–among them backache, headaches, menstrual-digestive-sleep disorders, muscular and joint pain, and asthma. Emotional/mental illnesses are effectively treated by acupuncture–stress/anxiety, phobias, obsessive behavior, ADD and ADHD. I look forward to meeting you.

You can contact me at:
(523) 353-2168 or

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